When students are leading the learning community, they have to have a passion for learning.  We can fuel that passion through a high-quality culture of learning.  In this second of a three part series all about Teach Like a CEO, we learn the frameworks and systems for developing a holistic approach to student centered learning.  Part two focuses on the in the acronym, "Empowering Experiences". As we develop structures for student-centered learning, the actual lessons have to be more engaging and more empowering for kids.   Ken showcases specific strategies you can embed into lessons and projects to create those lessons.

In This Episode We Cover
  • Sitting down and teaching a skill with a small group will come naturally, it is about everything happening around that which is a challenge.

  • Commit to empowering your students on a daily basis to fuel the success of lessons.

  • Screencasts allow us to multiply ourselves and differentiate learning at a higher-level.

  • Empower students to be learners and teachers with peers.  Ken introduces his A-B system to allow students to efficiently find partners and teach each other.

  • Develop strategies and expectations for how students should independently learn with the instructional styles you will execute.

  • Evaluate if your students need to learn new content from you directly, or if they can learn through different resources and exploring it on their own.

  • Data is a very important piece for us to create empowering learning experiences, and we should involve the students in the data analyzation process.

  • Data Collection Tools:

  • Ken goes through a specific lesson and how the entire classroom is structured to showcase differentiation and empowering independent experiences.​

  • Why MATH or READS workshop is a great starting point for teachers, but how we have to move beyond that to really provide students what they need.

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