Joshua Stamper is an assistant principal focused on creating a better experience for students in school after his own experiences as a child.   Josh was able to leverage his own personal experiences with trauma-informed training to become a better leader for students. Josh's leadership team and the teachers have created systems to facilitate more student ownership and agreements. He has partnered with his teachers to create systems to involve everyone in the relationship-building process with students.

In This Episode We Cover
  • How experiences like subbing and working as a para-professional can have a positive impact on your teaching.

  • Using the whole child approach to handle discipline as opposed to detention.

  • Understanding the trauma influenced students and how that impacts their daily interactions in school.

  • Strategies for embedding ownership into the classroom each and every day. They use a strategy called treatment agreements that they visit throughout the year.

  • We need to stop expecting that students "should know" behavioral norms.  We need to directly teach SEL skills like we do decoding or math facts.

  • Creating systems for student behavior to be addressed in the classroom with the teacher as opposed to sending them to the office.

  • The truth and purpose of standards-based grading.

  • The value of incorporating real-world experiences into content.

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