Rose Griffin is dedicated to supporting students in learning speech skills and language development. Her professionalism is shown through her work with students, her collaboration with colleagues, and her thriving business. Rose is committed to being an advocate for her students to find a path of confidence and success. Her programs and resources at ABA Speech are now impacting parents and children from all over that need the best support possible.

In This Episode We Cover
  • Understanding what a pull-out speech small group lessons

  • Students are receiving two main types of service: learning speech with particular sounds, and understanding language including directions.

  •  Replicating experiences that will help prepare them for the real world.

  • Implementing specific systems to create collaboration amongst all teachers.

  • As a speech pathologist, try to gain time speaking to the faculty as a whole to open up communication.

  • The path for graduating students from speech and the best exit strategies.

  • How to identify when a student needs more services and the legal ways to approach this discussion.

  • Strategies for keeping data organized, relevant, and legally sound.

  • The structure is key for supporting students in inclusive environments.

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