Jimmy Casas is an experienced, passionate, honest educator focused on making a difference in the culture of classrooms and schools.  After spending over 25 years as an administrator, he is now focused on coaching others. The culture of a school starts with every individual working towards a similar set of values and goals. The way he addresses individuals showcases why he does what he does.  He wants every person to live their excellence, and do it as best as they possibly can. The greatest gift we can give anyone is the gift of time. Jimmy walks us through why this is so important and how he lives this every day.

In This Episode We Cover
  • How to evaluate the culture of your classroom through the eyes of students with very intentional questions and systems.

  • Developing systems in all layers of a district for a conversation around culture.  District office, down to building principal, down to classrooms.

  • Transparency about our expectations, values, intentions, and explaining why. Follow up these high expectations with an incredibly high level of support.

  • Investing time in relationships and learning the skills of all individuals to inspire them to be great.

  • Creating cycles and systems to build up teachers to be the best versions of themselves.

  • Undercurrents are anything that causes a negative impact on culture.  Leaders are the ones always causing the undercurrents.  We have to accept it to address it.

  • We need to move away from perimeter leadership towards personal leadership.

  • Why proper support in delegation is so important. 

  • Jimmy coaches Ken on how he potentially caused more undercurrents when trying to support teachers.

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