Dr. Monica Burns was a very early adopter of a 1:1 environment utilizing iPads over ten years ago and has not looked back.  She is the founder of She demonstrates the value, purpose, and benefits of integrating technology into the classroom.  She helps us understand how to move students from being consumers to authentic creators.

In This Episode We Cover
  • Utilizing the camera on an iPad to maximize learning opportunities.

  • Moving beyond the excitement of a new device and creating sustainable instructional practices to integrate technology.

  • Utilize tools to maximize efficiency so teachers can reallocate their time to more meaningful activities.

  • When evaluating new tools for the classroom, look for the open-ended tools we can use for multiple activities and projects.

  • "Embrace your Place" means utilize the LMS you are being directed to use.  Don't fight it but maximize the potential of the LMS you have available.

  • Now that technology is so heavily integrated into classrooms, what are the opportunities to put the technology to the side and get back to hands-on learning?

  • Avoiding technology fatigue from the student and teacher perspective.

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