Chris Stuchko is an amazing high school special education teacher supporting students, teachers, and creating diverse experiences. He spends a great majority of his day supporting students. He brings a fantastic approach to co-teaching to help empower all students in the classroom. Chris also received a grant a few years ago to start a podcast.  He hosts the "9th Grade Experience" to capture what it means to be a 9th grader and support students starting that new journey.

In This Episode We Cover
  • The keys to a successful co-taught classroom.

  • The necessary mindset and approach for a coteaching partnership to be successful.

  • The value of multiple adults in the room for students to form authentic relationships and partnerships.

  • Supporting students to realize what accommodations they have, what they actually need, and how they can leverage those options.

  • Teaching students self-advocacy skills and the different ways to empower them.

  • The value of teaching these skills to all students, especially the high flying students.

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