Melissa Lowry is a humble, honest, experienced, and amazing administrator. Her beliefs are strong and she feels she needs to serve her teachers.  She leads them with radical honesty. Teachers are the ones that make the biggest impact on students, so it's a principal's job to create a culture of success.  Leaders set the tone of the building, and they do it through their positive actions.

In This Episode We Cover
  • Understanding the role of every person in a school.

  • Open her ears and listen to what teachers need, and what they want to vent.

  • She is always leading with honesty, transparency, and open communication.

  • Key steps to establishing a positive culture and the damage a negative culture can create.

  • Leading with empathy will always lead to a place of success.

  • Be honest, and admit when you have made mistakes.

  • Bringing the practice of metacognitive reflection into the classroom.

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