The start of an educator's true journey begins during student teaching.  This is a time where future educators learn their chops, build their confidence, and confirm this is the career for them. We had the chance to sit down and talk with Matt's brand new student teacher Anthony Wiggins.  Anthony has only spent a few weeks in the classroom and has already learned so much about himself.  The enthusiasm and rawness in his conversation are palpable.  

In This Episode We Cover
  • The power of student teaching and different processes for students.

  • Why Anthony decided to go into teaching as a career.

  • How life experiences can help drive us toward education and create our "why" for teaching.

  • Learning the roots and basics of classroom management while also connecting with students in an authentic manner.

  • Establishing a strong set of classroom management strategies through lack of ambiguity, routines, and explicit modeling.

  • Thoughts, feelings, and perspectives after the first experiences of teaching a full lesson.

  • Goals for Anthony to work on during his first portion of student-teaching.

  • Anthony's exit ticket question that we will get to hear now and observe change over time.

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