When a teacher hits stride in the middle of the year, it can be one of the most challenging times of the year.  Instruction rises to the top of our radar, but we can't abandon the fundamentals. This is the most important time to re-establish routines, classroom management expectations, and have FUN!  Do not let the stress of the looming state tests create an environment that is rooted in pounding through instruction.  Be more creative, have fun with students, and keep the positive culture at the forefront.

In This Episode We Cover
  • A much too long debate over what is best: 2-hour delay, early dismissal, or a snow day.

  • Re-establishing routines mid-year and how it is a much simpler process than the beginning of the year.

  • Finding the balance of it all in a time of the year where pressure is high with state testing looming.

  • How to tap into the strong relationships established with each student.  Utilize those relationships to push students to accomplish more.

  • We have the power of words to make a life-long impactone on students.

  • There will be moments where we change the trajectory of a student's life, and we may not even remember the moment.

  • Check out Drew Duddley's Ted Talk

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