The burden of being an educator is heavy.  Whether we are new to the profession or a seasoned veteran, there is a demand put on teachers to do so much more outside of the daily responsibilities.  As new teachers, we feel the need to do everything so we are noticed and hired.  As we continue down the path, it is our job to support the many communities of a school.  Students need clubs, sports, and events and schools need committees to grow.  Matt and Ken talk about checks and systems to evaluate  how teachers can take on extra burdens but not burn out. 

In This Episode We Cover
  • Reflecting on the first few years, and how to manage it all.

  • Evaluating our own personal circumstances and how that impacts our decisions in taking on extra responsibilities.

  • The impact of seeing students outside of the classroom and how that helps our instructional approach.

  • Strategies to be more efficient in our positions are to have more time to volunteer for extra responsibilities.

  •  The benefits and challenges of being an active school member.

  • Creating structures and systems for sustainable programs.

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