Eric Combs is a middle school band teacher coming off one of the greatest experiences of his career, visiting the White House as the 2020 Illinois Teacher of the Year. He has created an experience in a beginner-level band that is so unique, it has become copied worldwide. He is focused on student growth, student achievement, and student motivation. He worked diligently to create this program to a point where students drive the experience, and he is guiding them to true achievement. 

In This Episode We Cover
  • The importance of data and the impact on instruction.

  • How to use flipped instruction to enhance classroom experiences.

  • What it takes to provide students with an individualized instructional experience.

  • Flipped instruction and self-paced structures improve student rapport and relationships with teachers.

  • When you do not teach for mastery, students fall behind and never catch up.

  • The positive impact on self-paced instruction has impacted the interest in band and retention in the program.

  • The utilization of check-ins to track student progress and guide them towards their next targets.

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