Creating an atmosphere to inspire and foster student passion is a challenge every teacher faces.  Claire Clifford leads elementary through high school students in musical performances and class. Claire showcases her diverse expectations as a teacher transitioning from elementary music class, to high school vocal choir, to a community musical production, and preparing all of those students for a winter concert! She works tirelessly to create amazing productions, but the real beauty is in the daily learning that takes place each day in her classroom.

In This Episode We Cover
  • The use of the Hungarian Kodaly (Ko-die) method.

  • Managing the multiple responsibilities of a music teacher and how that translates to the regular education classroom.

  • How to incorporate cross-curricular learning opportunities in music class.

  • Using teachable moments to develop background knowledge in other content areas.

  • Transitioning ownership from the teacher to student, and the challenges we see as teachers in those transitions.

  • Involving student choice in the curriculum and content of the classroom.

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