Planning creative lessons is a skill every teacher can develop. We dive deep into a conversation specifically on how to plan creative lessons. It starts with knowing your why, what do you hope to accomplish and what are the learning targets? There will be failures, and that is okay! Our students are providing us feedback whether they intend to or not; we just have to look for it.  Planning creative lessons can be time-intensive, but it doesn't need to be and we talk about exactly how.

In This Episode We Cover
  • Step one in planning a creative lesson starts with key questions and keeping your sights set on the original instructional goal.

  • Failures are commonplace, and we hear specific lessons that failed with Ken.

  • Criteria for what "failure" actually is with creative lessons and how to determine if it failed or succeeded.

  • Using colleagues and students to reflect on the success of a lesson.

  • Planning creative lessons can be a simple tweak in the lesson, as well as, time-intensive.  We talk about both and when each is appropriate to use.

  • Ken describes exactly how and where he gets his ideas for all of his creative lessons.  It might not be exactly what you would think or what you want to hear!

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