The journey of teaching a child and making a positive impact on their life involves much more than a teacher's effort.  It is a team approach and a team mission.  Parents/guardians are a key player in that team, and parent-teacher conferences are something we should always value as educators.  It can add extra stress, it can feel like one more thing, but it is a chance to align everyone to the goals of a child's growth.  Ken and Matt talk about their experiences with conferences and the strategies they used to get everyone on the same page.

In This Episode We Cover
  • The best mindset to approach parent-teacher conferences.

  • Strategies for starting the session.

  • Data and other artifacts to bring to the conference.

  • How to approach difficult conversations.

  • Key strategies for everyone to leave the conference with to make an impact.

  • Conversations to have with students the day after the conference.

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