After facilitating a lesson, the time to think, reflect, and set action steps for the next attempt is key for growing as a teacher.  Matt and Ken discuss what best practices for reflecting on lessons look like and how it applies to all K-12 educators.  The process for a self-contained elementary teacher is much different that a middle school social studies teacher.  Ken just wrapped up facilitating a lesson with two teachers he helped design in his role as an instructional coach.  He reflects on the lesson and also shares adjustments that were made between attempts.

In This Episode We Cover
  • Effective questions to facilitate self-reflection.

  • How to create digital breakouts to enhance the quality of a lesson.

  • How to combine creativity with higher-level thinking skills to boost the productivity of a lesson.

  • How to make adjustments between lessons and what to look for during the action.

  • When planning a new activity, sometimes less is more.

  • Judging the quality of a lesson and what can be enhanced.

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Links from the Show

  • Ken's tutorial on the breakouts he created and how they were created.