Dr. Erik Youngman is a dedicated educator bringing his professional and personal life experiences together to provide a well-rounded approach to his district.  As the father of three daughters and husband to a speech pathologist, he is able to wear multiple hats in addition to his experience as a teacher, principal, and curriculum director. He encourages a holistic approach to teaching and constantly checking in with students to hear authentic feedback about how teaching and learning can improve.  His main passions align with changing the narrative of homework and integrating a growth mindset.

In This Episode We Cover
  • The role of curriculum in the daily lessons.

  • Approaching scripted programs and allowing fortitude to professionals.

  • Implementing new programs and strategies.

  • Strategies. for differentiation and targeting students

  • The 12 Characteristics of Deliberate Homework

  • Realistic expectations for homework to keep it meaningful and effective.

  • How growth mindset fits into a daily lesson.

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