"I was able to align my head and my heart as a teacher." Those words of inspiration were one of many from Abby French, a middle school social studies teacher from Virginia. In our conversation with Abby, we learned how she works as a local advocate for her teachers and schools, creates passion and excitement in the classroom, and facilitates student-centered learning.  She finds ways to teach history through empathy and connect the past to the present.  Abby is an incredible teacher and her work goes well beyond the curricular standards.

In This Episode We Cover
  • How to act as a local advocate for the benefit of teachers and public education.

  • The responsibility of every individual teacher to share their story and classroom with the public.

  • Practical steps to create a student-centered classroom.

  • What is truly involved in being a classroom facilitator. 

  • How to strengthen a school and district through teacher retention.

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