Christopher Albrecht is a humble, committed, passionate, and inspirational educator for everyone to look up to. For 24 years Christopher has impacted countless lives of students and is committed to the betterment of his community.  As a community member himself, he serves as a role model for all.  Christopher shares his insight on how to make new teachers more successful and to prevent burnout.  His approach to classroom management is powerful.  This podcast is a must-listen for educators in pre-service education all the way to teachers approaching retirement.

In This Episode We Cover
  • How to immerse yourself in the teaching experience for the betterment of students.

  • Combining great teaching of standards with great teaching of life and taking advantage of teachable moments.

  • Defining success and greatness as a teacher.

  • Strategies for effective classroom management that will improve the quality of teaching and the community of the room.

  • The mindset is necessary to make every year a successful year.

  • Strategies for more effective lessons on writing.

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