Cara Bowerman is teaching and coaching her passions and influencing young adults to pursue the same. As a high school art teacher, Cara has the unique experience to work with students passionate about the content and interested in growing their own skills.  She doesn't assume this will create instant buy-in.  Cara works hard to develop real respect from her students and to promote an environment of risk-taking.  Her students are supported and encouraged to do their own version of "best".

In This Episode We Cover
  • Strategies for creating risk-taking environments and the power of "yes".

  • Leveraging real-world opportunities to create authentic audiences.

  • Methods for conducting peer reviews and critique sessions.

  • How to evaluate students without devaluing their effort, time, and passion.

  • Inspiration to believe in yourself and help others find something to believe in.

  • Keeping lessons relevant and exciting.

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  • Instagram: @CaraBowerman