Dr. Rhett Oldham brings the passion from the moment this podcast opens! He provides great insight into how he manages his middle school and high school social studies classes.  He invites student voice, student choice, and allows the students to genuinely contribute to the curriculum.  He provides the students with real-world experiences both locally and internationally through travel.

In This Episode We Cover
  • How to invite students into the decision making process of curriculum

  • Traveling with students abroad, resources to use, and how to make it affordable.

  • Connecting with students in a genuine way and taking that connection to the parents as well.

  • Establishing positive rapport with all key stake-holders.

  • Great strategies to push your district towards change while maintaining positive relationships with administrators, team members, and community members.

  • How to encourage creative collaboration and sharing of work.

  • The lesson deep dive takes the listeners through effective graphic organizers and how they elicit higher-level thinking skills.

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Links from the Show

Rhett recommended many tools and online resources, you can find them all below:

Rhett also referenced many graphic organizers, he created a post on our forums for these.  Please jump in the conversation with Rhett! The post is linked here.

Connect with Rhett Oldham

  • Follow Rhett on Twitter: @SGHistoryTeach

  • Follow Rhett's classroom journey's on his website: sghistoryteach.weebly.com