Connecting with a large group of students year after year is a teacher's highest priority but also a major challenge.  Stacie Lawler uses an open, authentic, and honest approach to accomplish such a task.  As a Health and P.E. teacher, Stacie wears many hats and one she has added to her collection is the daunting task of mental health.  In 2014, Stacie was faced with her own challenges of mental health as a parent.  This translated into an endless mission to change the narrative in her school, state, and now the country.  Stacie shares great advice, practical strategies, and encouragement for approaching this topic with young adults.

In This Episode We Cover
  • How to approach mental health conversations with children and young adults.

  • Resources available to help support our own knowledge and understanding.

  • The importance of awareness and proper training on mental health.

  • The eight sources of strength to support a healthy mindset.

  • How to approach administration to create change in your classroom and curriculum.

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