If it works for one, then it works for all.  Designing a learning space where students have real choices to fit their learning needs and modalities is a powerful environment to thrive.  Kyle Niemis shares how he combines Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Flipped Learning to create an amazing learning culture.  The four-step process to supporting students in a choice-based learning environment is a strategy all teachers can copy and use. He explains the pros and cons, the troubles and triumphs, and sets realistic explanations.  He also shares how he is supporting teachers with two innovative products, ClassroomQ and My Edtech Bundle.

In This Episode We Cover
  • Define Universal Design for Learning.

  • Define Flipped Learning.

  • Compare and Contrast a Flipped Classroom with Flipped Learning.

  • Strategies for creating your own flipped lessons.

  • Realistic expectations for creating and maintaining this learning environment.

  • Creating meaningful check-ins with students and helping them navigate choice-based learning.

  • Kyle's four-step process to a flipped learning and UDL classroom.

  • Kyle's product ClassroomQ and My Edtech Bundle.

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