Nick Snyder is a South Carolina Teacher of the Year turned administrator.  Nick dives deep into the story of "Mr. Snyder" highlighting his passions as a classroom teacher and what students valued most about his classroom. He shares his experience in both middle school and high school English. He provides a great perspective discussing his switch into administration, serving as the assistant principal of his same school.  This show brings humility to teaching and a re-centered approach to the human factor of public education.  Finally, he shares his biggest passion related to keeping teacher's tanks full.

In This Episode We Cover
  • Establishing strong routines, procedures, and the keys to preparation for successful lessons.

  • Establishing both classroom and school-wide relationships to set the stage for successful collaboration.

  • What the "it" factor is for teachers and how we can recognize it in others.

  • Effective strategies for teaching argumentative writing.

  • Strategies to keep our own passions thriving and how to support a culture of teachers running on full tanks.

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