Kyle Bragg, the SHAPE America 2021 National Teacher of the Year, brings amazing ideas to all teachers in all content areas. He is an inspiration to students, a role model for teachers, and a positive voice in education. As an elementary physical education teacher, he creates a classroom dynamic that is engaging, empowering, and safe for all students. He focuses on praising the characteristics and actions that all students can do, not just the athletically superior students. His specific strategies for praise, differentiation and modeling are something all teachers can strive to incorporate.

In This Episode We Cover
  • Effective strategies for providing praise including: being specific, proximity praising, and the sandwich.

  • How to use GIFs to increase student independence and successful lessons.

  • Strategies for empowering students to make decisions and encourage classmates.

  • How to incorporate soft skills into classroom instruction.

  • Specific examples of real-world learning experiences in physical education classes.

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