Maggie McHugh is a middle school teacher from Wisconsin focused on project-based learning.  For some, PBL is a special week or one unit.  Not for Maggie, it is her class all day, every day.  Maggie demystifies PBL and provides the listeners with actionable steps towards how to build your students and yourself towards the capacity for PBL.  At the beginning of the show, we dive deep into a very intense moment in her classroom related to student identity.  As Maggie says herself, "the best Maggie has yet to come."  She shows what it means to be a passionate, dedicated educator.

In This Episode We Cover
  • Approaching student identity and LQBTQ topics

  • Incorporating social justice into learning

  • Whattup Wednesday

  • Tackling challenging conversations with a class

  • Examples of Project-Based Learning

  • Building capacity for independent learning

  • Teaching math with Tinkercad

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