The beginning of the school starts the mark of a 180 day journey of students and a teacher.  The journey is led by the captain of the ship.  Mr. Mike Creed takes that responsibility very seriously as a second grade teacher.  However, through his unwavering passion, authentic care, and creative branding his journey with students never ended after 180 days.  They may have moved on and became "retired" crew members, but they were a member for life.

In this interview, Mike shares direct and explicit strategies for creating a classroom culture that is really hard to find anywhere else. Additionally, he dives into some specific strategies for classroom instruction.  Mike will leave you feeling inspired, motivated, and possible some tears of compassion.

In This Episode We Cover
  • Why classroom culture matters

  • How to create a brand for life-long impact on students

  • Integrating iPads into instruction

  • Differentiation strategies

  • Project based learning strategies

  • A lesson deep dive on a student-centered research project for second graders

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