As quoted by the host Ken Ehrmann, "effective classroom transition keep teachers hydrated".  When Matt and Ken sat down to tackle this conversation, it was supposed to be a quick brainstorm of what transitions look like and how it can best support effective teaching.  They weren't expecting it to go for 45 minutes, but the content is high-quality.  They discuss key strategies, ways to incorporate technology, and how to handle hybrid or fully-virtual classes.  Ken's main message is to put more on the students to make it less stressful for teachers.

In This Episode We Cover
  • Defining common elements of elementary transitions.

  • Defining common elements of secondary transitions.

  • Matt shares some of his favorite strategies for moving elementary students from subject to subject.

  • Ken discusses strategies to systemize and standardize transitions while still maintaining excitement and engagement.

  • Ken shares his approach to connecting a lessons closure to the following days opening for the most effective transitions. 

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