Cindy Soule is the 2021 Maine Teacher of the Year.  It is quite obvious, from beginning to end, why she has earned those accolades.  She is focused on developing hard-working students, that care for themselves and others, and are ready to tackle real-world problems with grit.  One of her favorite messages to convey to other teachers is that "every teacher's superpower is belief in students."  Real, genuine belief.  

To top it off, Cindy dives deep into her strategies for inquiry-based learning and how it can impact a student's ability to learn to read.

In This Episode We Cover
  • Developing a strong classroom community and culture.

  • Classroom management strategies.

  • Inquiry-based learning in science.

  • How inquiry-based learning can dramatically impact "linguistically gifted" students' ability to read proficiently.

  • PBIS rewards systems.

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