Dec 1, 2022

Humble Leadership Creates Powerful Results

Greg Bagby is a humble, experienced, knowledgeable leader. HIs passions as a teacher have transcend his ability to support teachers as a building leader and district leader.  In our conversation we discuss the best ways to work as a reflective teacher and how that can directly impact your students' performance.


  • Learning is a process.  Performance based doesn't mean it has to be perfect, but a process to reach our goals.

  • Shielding teachers from unnecessary communication from district office to encourage better teaching

  • Encouraging teachers to take risks and try new strategies in lessons

  • Reflective practice as a teacher is key to improve our practices and pedagogy

  • Take a risk and film yourself.  It is the best feedback you can give yourself to adjust your teaching and find areas to improve.

  • Using Edtech for a purpose, it doesn’t need to be the center focus of the lesson

  • Enhance the lessons with technology, move from consumption towards creativity

Podcast: BookswithBagby

Podcast: Education Soapbox

Twitter: @Gregbagby 

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