Oct 14, 2022

Empowering Teachers and Students as Risk Takers

Cory Henwood is an experience, well versed, passionate educator focusing on empowering learners. Cory is out there providing practical strategies, great content. He is focused on creating personalized learning experiences for students and replicating those experiences for teachers. Cory provides thoughtful ideas, systematic approaches, and goals for every educator to aspire towards.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Creating environments that are as student-centered as possible.  Teachers want to do it, they just don't know where to start.

  • Strategies for handling situations where we as teachers are forced to following scripted programs and how we can be slightly more innovative in our approach.

  • Creating experiences for students to process the content and emotions to reach new learning targets.It is okay to be a risk-taker in our instructional approach.  It's also okay to not be and need to see the results from some trusted colleagues first.

  • Lessons can flop, and if it's a traditional approach there are no positive gains.  If we take a creative risk and the content flops, students still gained so many more positive qualities.

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